Art Services

We Offer A Large Variety Of Art Services

Many of these custom framing creations are designed per project with a loving hand and an eye for your final installation needs.

Art Installation

– Sports Jersey display case

– Silver or Gold plaque with date, name or inscription.

– Acrylic display case

– Acrylic museum box

– Double-sided framing with optional hanging chain.

– Cabinet frame with face opening and optional shelves.

– Acrylic display with standoff hardware

– Custom sized mirrors beveled or flat, framed or unframed. various shapes available


– Bronze mirror

– Custom frame stains & finishes for hospitality or high volume jobs.

– Security hardware (locks artwork to walls for high traffic display areas.)

– Custom sized canvas stretcher bars with edge depths varying from 0.75” to 2” and optional Raw or gessoed stretched canvas.

– Circular frames, circular glass, circular stretched canvas.

– Art shipping crates

– Art pick up & delivery



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