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Why Custom Framing?

November 17, 2014

Custom framing vs. ready-made frames,….What factors help you make this decision?

There are many options in the market for all types of framing projects. Information that may help you in choosing which route to go is considering the value of the piece of art you are framing. The value of the piece can be evaluated by asking yourself the following questions.

-Is this piece of art an investment? (monetary)

-Does the piece of art have a sentimental value to me? (Emotional)

-Lastly, is this piece strictly based on your pocket book? (Budget conscious )

With that in mind things to consider when investing in custom framing would be preservation and protection of the work long term, after all “if it’s worth framing it’s worth protecting”.

Consider custom framing if the art work you have purchased is an original piece of art or has any sort of sentimental value. It is important that your art is “housed” within an environment that is free of acid based products ie: cardboard, acid based tapes etc.. As well it is important to custom choose matte colours, matte width, glass options etc to enhance the overall aesthetic of your art. Working with our team we will guide you through the process and all of your options.

If the art work you are framing is just decor with no long term investment you could consider some type of ready made frame. Our suggestion would be to replace any of the acid based products such as MDF or a paper matte with a new matte and backer board. This will ensure no yellowing or “acid burning” of the piece. We are happy to help you with this.

Either way we are happy to assist you in bringing your art to life.


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