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Kelly Kyle

February 20, 2014

Kelly Kyle is a Toronto based Conservation Picture Framer, Gallerist and Photographer. Kelly’s career as a framer began over 25 years ago as she was introduced to the art of picture framing while working at a small camera shop that offered these services. It was during this time that Kelly also pursued her love of art and photography and began the early stages of her career as a visual artist. First receiving a diploma in Art and Design at Niagara College and later a BFA at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in 1994. Her photographic work focuses on architecture, negative spaces, and a style of shooting that follows a Tibetan philosophy called Miksang. The underpinning of this philosophy and Kelly’s imagery reflect being present in the moment, a mindful contemplation.

Upon graduation Kelly found employment at some of Toronto’s best photographic labs increasing her knowledge of photography and further developing her skills in customer service and picture framing. This merging of interests lead Kelly to attend the International Picture Framing School where she received formalized training that allowed her to develop her talent and creative vision as a picture framer. Her knowledge of art and the experience collected during this time soon became the basis from which her vision was realized as Akasha Art Projects Inc …..

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