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Regular vs. Speciality Glass

November 17, 2014

Regular vs. Speciality glass….

All glass is not created equal, the fact that you have chosen to custom frame your project is an indication that it is of value to you. Therefore you need to consider what type of glass will be best suited to your framing project. We are happy to help  you to understand the various types of glass that the market has to offer and explain the value each type of glass and what it will bring to your piece of art project.

The most important consideration is UV protection. Exposure to ultra violet rays will damage your artwork. This damage is visible in the form of fading colours, embrittlement and the yellowing of the materials the bear the artwork. These effects once started are cumulative and irreversible. Next to UV protection the next consideration is reflection. Many people do not like to see the reflection of their surroundings in their artwork! There are anti-reflective glass options available that will reduce reflection and in some cases even appear invisible.

We will help you make the best choice to protect your artwork by asking questions about the environment in which the piece of art will hang, this will allow us to advise and inform you of your options.  We will help you make the right choice to ensure the enjoyment of your art for years to come!

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